Development Log

[2014-02-20 Thu 08:00]

[2014-02-21 Fri 08:00]

  • Set up a basic Flixel project for prototyping everything

[2014-02-21 Fri 10:00]

  • Added basic game board with some gems
  • Can select gems

[2014-02-21 Fri 19:00]

  • Can now remove gems

[2014-02-21 Fri 21:00]

  • Board now collapses properly once gems have been removed. At this point there's actually something playable.
  • New blocks are now added to the board, and everything animates (not perfectly, but good enough for now).

[2014-02-22 Sat 07:00]

  • pd-screen-1.png
  • Cleaned up game board code

[2014-02-22 Sat 09:00]

  • Created basic adventure field group. Pretty slow going.

[2014-02-22 Sat 10:00]

  • Still working on the adventure field. Time to turn it up a notch…

[2014-02-22 Sat 11:00]

  • pd-screen-2.png
  • Adventure field now has a background, some grass and the (naked) adventurer
  • UI has health / xp bar
  • Fixed bug with getConnectedGems that would return an array with duplicates/ Not normally a problem, but meant the XP calculations were screwed up.
  • Added simple fade effect for when player leaves the screen
  • Player now walks when gems destroyed & xp bar increases

[2014-02-23 Sun 16:00]

  • Modified appearance of falling gems. Doesn't jump around on the last frame like before - it now calculates the next position of the gem, and if it's past the finishing point will round + stop.

[2014-02-23 Sun 17:00]

  • Player character can now walk to end of screen and be moved back to the start (with a little fade effect too);
  • Added a basic item sprite that can belong to a gem

[2014-02-23 Sun 20:00]

  • Blocks can now contain items that can be picked up and added to the player's inventory
  • Added some proper UI stuff

[2014-02-23 Sun 21:00]

  • pd-screen-3.png
  • Added basic inventory page that ACTUALLY WORKS. Just needs some text descriptions.

[2014-02-24 Mon 08:00]

  • Items now have descriptions / title text
  • Added text descriptions to inventory tab

[2014-02-24 Mon 09:00]

  • Fixed bug with board not finding duplicate gems correctly when the gem contained an item, which meant the same item could be added to the inventory multiple times.
  • Fixed bug where walking player would appear slightly to the left of correct position after transitioning screens.

[2014-02-24 Mon 18:00]

  • Ok, time to start turning this thing into a game. Loads left to do, and not long to do it in.
  • Spent way too long making an intro screen. Not sure why.

[2014-02-24 Mon 22:00]

  • Can now generate random stages. Sort of.
  • Experimenting with how to interact with objects. Don't really like the options, but right now there's a thought bubble to click that will use the object. Now I just need to figure out how to code the logic for each object…

[2014-02-25 Tue 07:00]

  • Added some animation and actual formatting to the thought bubble that appears when on an item.
  • Bubble can respond to a click

[2014-02-25 Tue 12:00]

  • Added basic transition to tabs.

[2014-02-25 Tue 13:00]

  • pd-screen-4.png
  • Cleaned up inventory tab (a little)
  • Little bits of code cleanup

[2014-02-25 Tue 17:00]

  • Fixed input bubble so it no longer spills off the screen if at the far right edge.
  • Fixed bug where continously clicking really fast would leave gaps in board. At least I think it's fixed.

[2014-02-25 Tue 21:00]

  • Added basic status tab. Don't like it.

[2014-03-01 Sat 09:00]

  • Fixed up the inventory tab so it actually works properly now. Also added "use" and "drop" buttons

[2014-03-01 Sat 10:00]

  • Can now drop items. Inventory tab updates correctly when an item is dropped, and item drops off the screen as well.

[2014-03-01 Sat 12:00]

  • Made a whole bunch of new item sprites.

[2014-03-01 Sat 13:00]

  • Can now use the following items:
    • Healing Vial
    • Healing Potion
    • Escape Wing
    • Shuffle Board
    • Reset Board

[2014-03-01 Sat 15:00]

  • Can now blow things up
  • Can now paint things too!

[2014-03-01 Sat 20:00]

  • It is time. Got a basic battle screen up. Lots more to do, but it's almost starting to be a game.

[2014-03-02 Sun 10:00]

  • More battle mode stuff. Can now set the start turn using agility stats (although it needs to take equipment into account)
  • Turns and events (kind of) hooked up to the main screen. Might actually have some combat today.

[2014-03-02 Sun 14:00]

  • Battle now works (mostly). Player can attack, then enemy can attack. Lots of nice bits of animation, just need to get the game recognizing when somebody has died.

[2014-03-02 Sun 19:00]

  • pd-screen-5.png
  • Full battle loop now working. Attack, item usage and either the enemy splatting or the player dying. When the player dies, it now goes to the "Game Over" screen.

    It's (relatively) playable now. Just needs a lot of tuning and some more enemies and content adding.

[2014-03-02 Sun 22:00]

  • Added a whole bunch of enemies and backgrounds. Also added some item progression, so it's pretty much a game at this point.