Welcome to the lab!

This is where a bunch of experimental and miscellaneous stuff lives. Most of the stuff here is probably broken in some way. Enjoy!

One Game a Month - 2016 Edition #1GAM 2016
Experimental games made for One Game a Month 2016.
One Game a Month - 2014 Edition #1GAM 2014
Experimental games made for One Game a Month 2014.
Game Jams Game Jams
Tiny games made for game jams and such.
PSO Tools Phantasy Star Online Tools
Stuff for Phantasy Star Online. Mag Timer, Mag Feed utility and interactive drop charts.
Idea Head Idea Head
Need a terrible game idea? Idea head will help!
Parallax Scrolling Demo Parallax Scrolling
Really simple demo of some parallax scrolling (and clouds).
6502 Max 6502 Max
A 6502 simulator written in BlitzMax.
Software Tools Software Tools
Tools for software developers.