6502 Max

6502-max is a simulator for the 6502 processor that is written in BlitzMax.

Project Homepage: : https://www.sodaware.net/6502-max/

Source Code : https://github.com/sodaware/6502-max/


This project isn't meant for serious work, but it may be useful if you're attempting to build a 6502 simulator in another language.

There is currently no assembler included with the project.

Important memory locations


Calling simulator --file=<binary file> will load an assembled binary file into RAM and execute it.

Pressing ESC during execution will halt the simulator.

Press any key to exit once the program is finished to quit.




To build the app in release mode, run the following from the command line:

bmk makeapp -h -r -o build/simulator src/main.bmx

This will create the simulator executable in the build directory.

Alternatively, use blam to compile it by calling blam build:simulator..


Released under the GPLv3. See COPYING for the full licence.