#1GAM 2014

January 2014 - Haywire January - Haywire
Based on an Atari ST game of the same name. Fly your little spaceship around, capture animals and deliver them to the mothership.
February 2014 - Super Puzzle Dungeon Adventure February - Super Puzzle Dungeon Adventure
Match colours to help your adventurer progress through meadows, forests and dungeons.
March 2014 - Zap March - Zap
A really bad shoot-em-up made in four hours. Four different versions available, each released at the hour mark.
April 2014 - Splodey Boats April - Splodey Boats
Made for Ludum Dare #29. Drop your depth charges to destroy the enemy submarines (and try not to kill any fish).
June 2014 - Over-Engineered Invaders June - Over-Engineered Invaders
Space Invaders built using a custom framework. No download available for copyright reasons.